These next points words will go over the top reasons a client is going to book you. When it comes to running a successful business, you start to realize that it’s not only about creating good work. You have to be a good business person to run a successful business. So I hope this post encourages you and inspires you to focus on the back end of your business.

01. YOU

This is the biggest reason a client is going to book you. So it is the most important one to focus on. In the beginning of starting weddings, it’s very likely to get booked because of your prices. But once you start raising your prices and getting to a higher price where there is more competition, it’s no longer about the prices. Your brand is you. How you present yourself on social media and website. All of this is so important so they can see your personality and already see If they have a connection. Having personable captions on your images matters too! Once in a while share a personal story… something that’s relatable to them.

02. Active

Being active when it comes to updating your website, adding new galleries throughout the year. Try not to wait until the season is slow to do this… force yourself to consistently update even in the middle of the season. Update your „About me“ section when it becomes irrelevant. Update your contact form and even adding a starting price to your website could be helpful to cut out some really low budget weddings.

Consistently posting on social media – YES, all of these things are huge and important to keep updated! Adding hashtags and locations tags, updating your BIO. I’m constantly changing my BIO and seeing what works best for the clientele I’m trying to market to. Don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works best for you.

Constantly posting and being active shows that you are busy to people, which puts you in higher demand.

03. Experience

A big reason most of the time is because of experience. If the couple is having their wedding at Chateau Mcely and you have a beautiful gallery on your website from another wedding done there, then there’s a greater chance that they are going to hire you. Couples love knowing that you’ve been to the venue, you know all the best spots for pictures and you are familiar with the layout.

Now, if there’s a venue that you absolutely love but you’ve never shot a wedding at, a good idea would be to set up a styled shoot or engagement session at the venue. You would have to contact the planner to do this but it would be very worthwhile. Building your portfolio with a variety of venues is a good idea!

04. Quick responses

This one is pretty straight forward but I know myself how hard it is to do. Especially in the beginning, I would get lazy and not answer email inquiries right away. I would always tell myself to do that in an hour once I finish this… However, this builds very poor habits that you can and will carry on for years unless you break them.

Now, I’ve changed my attitude and mindset to answer emails almost the minute that I get them. Well, I usually let it sit for a few minutes so I don’t seem too desperate, but there is nothing wrong with being excited to answer a couple and getting back to them promptly. Most couples appreciate it! With the way, technology is now… Is you don’t answer fast, another photographer will and they may have a better chance.

05. Referrals

After the client books you is when all the client experience begins. Their impression of you and how you treat them during the whole process and even after the wedding is just as important as the gallery they receive.

Word of mouth is how you begin your photography business and keep it going. even now, where I’m at, it’s still extremely important and not something that should ever be forgotten. Go out of your way, send a Welcome gift as soon as they pay the deposit, keep connected in emails.

06. Confidence

When you value yourself, others will value you too. Be a confident person. Be confident about your work and about who you are as a person.

When a client sees that you believe in yourself, in your work, that makes them believe in you and trust you to be their photographer.

Especially when your prices begin to increase, your client needs to be able to trust you before they start spending such a large amount of money. If you get scared to talk about your pricing with them then they will see right through that and will try to ask for some sort of discount.

Also, If you undercut yourself, you’re also undercutting the whole industry. When one photographer who’s at the same level as me decides to hand out deals to everyone, it hurt all of us who are charging the right amount for our services. So be mindful and don’t be afraid to raise your prices as the demand for your services becomes higher.

Hope all of this was helpful and thank you for reading this post.

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