In fact, photography work is all about the story. It’s not only about capturing a perfect portrait with stunning light and composition but it’s also about capturing all of the heart filling emotions. And sometimes, I even wish to capture all the emotions that flow through me when capturing all those moments. And that’s why I decided to share my journey with you.

In the beginning

Most creative business stories start with „when I had my wedding, when I had the first baby or after I finished photography school“… but my one… my one is very special because I didn’t have any „when“ to do my job. I decided to do it on my own because I loved the process of creating and I knew I want to do this job and nothing else in my whole life.

Since I was a child, I loved drawing, the art and I always had my own view of this world and the people inside. My kindergarten teacher told my mother a few years ago that she still has a pic of my rainbow unicorn in her office, such motivating honour!

So when I was 13 years old, we welcomed a new member to the family – Lusy, the puppy of a golden labrador. Spending time with her, watching her happy face, smashing all toys and discovering nature was the beginning of my love for capturing emotions and motions with the camera, our family old Olympus.

Through the years

My way as an artist got crossed and according to the wishes of my parents, I studied medical school. Totally different, hah? Maybe thanks to this part of my way I became such a big planner and to-do lover. Even though I was a good student, these times were hard for me and photography was a fulfilling time for my soul. So without any plans of being a freelancer in the future, I kept creating. I kept capturing our family moments, tried to do some of my own creative projects and the biggest luck to me was that real people around me loved what I do and let me do it for them too.

And when the first wedding came to me, I had no idea what is waiting there for me. I jumped inside without any experience and even though that result was great, I told myself that I’m never going to do such responsible work again (and thanks to this experience I’m always leading my students to start wedding photography as a second shooter)… But people shared photos and all the kind words and it took no longer till I got a new chance to discover a beautiful world of joy-filled celebrations again. And thanks to that I discovered that being a part of someone’s story, a part of the family and a unique celebration became my passion and it was worth all the responsibility. That moment when the clients choose me for seeing the world in the same way and sharing values is my WHY. It’s my purpose. They are my purpose.

The photographer

3 days after my 18th birthday… that long took me to do the step and become a freelancer. Yes, I didn’t know anything about freelancing. Yes, I ended up in the middle of school to do what I love. And yes, it was the best decision I have ever made. I will never be able to say that it was easy because it wasn’t. And the growth was sometimes uncomfortable, messy and full of feelings I didn’t expect, but it made me love my decision even more. And it made me the artist that I am.

So from the very first day, there is always a future version of me who’s proud I was strong enough to keep loving the process of creating and learning all the responsibilities.

And all that I’m trying to say is that If you love something so much, go for it because you never know what’s waiting for you until you discover it.

Hello, I'm


Lovely to meet you! I'm a destination wedding & editorial photographer, obsessed with art crafted from your own moments in time.

Over the years and hundred of couples, I learned that it's an amazing gift when the right people work together. I capture wonderful celebrations and events all over Europe tailored to you. My photography focuses on joyful, romantic, stylish images full of natural light.

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Rich in an impressive cultural and architectural heritage, the Austrian capital was the muse and the ideal setting for this Wedding Inspiration in the streets of Vienna.

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