Surrounded by the Ionian sea, the greek magical island Zakynthos is one of the world’s most beautiful places to stay at. When we were looking for a destination to spend our week at, Greece was one of our tips and we found Zakynthos as the last one, but immediately fell in love with it. And those feelings became stronger when we got off the plane, soaking in salted air and warm sun.

Turtle national marine park

Our journey led us to the south part of Zakynthos, Kalamaki, located in Laganas bay. Golden beaches are surrounded by reefs and wild waves of the sea. Along and at every corner are beautiful small greek restaurants with delicious food. But the most special thing about Kalamaki is that it’s a part of a National marine park. This destination is special for the turtle conservation area, where Carettas seasonally venture to the sandy shores to nest. If you’re planning to travel to Zakynthos, renting a boat having a bit of luck and taking a trip to watch the wild nature life of turtles will become your lifetime enjoyment.

Cameo Island

This small island is a popular attraction located in the harbor of Agios Sostis. This place is actually amazing for a swim, and for snorkeling. You will hear the sound of cruise ships, and water gushing when you are there. Many come to Cameo Island Greece because it is an amazing destination wedding venue. We came there to just chill and hang out with a cocktail in hand, to cool off.

Sunrise on Zakynthos

While everybody loves sunsets, I’m a big lover of sunrises. Not only because I’m an early bird, but I also love that feeling of a freshly started new day, a new beginning. And I can tell you, sunrise on Zakynthos will forever lie deep in my heart. Watching the first sun rays coming up over reefs and listening to waves, the beach was empty and cold, I was just blown off this beauty..

Keri caves

Zakynthos abound in nature beauty. If you’re a nature lover, Zakynthos is a destination for you. This island is also amazing for it’s famous Keri caves with clear blue sea, great for snorkeling and swimming and deep enough to dive in safely and swim around the caves. Definitely worth a visit here!

Mizithrees island

Mizithres are two rocky peaks located in the southwestern area of Zakynthos. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the whole island. The rocks are impressive, and the water is super clear, overall a marvelous sight. This place can’t be missing on your travel list.

Other places to visit:

  • Saint Nicholas church
  • Plakaka beach
  • Banana beach
  • Azzurro Porto beach
  • Port of Zakynthos
  • Church of Agios Dionysios
  • Olive Press Museum Zante
  • Marathonisi island

What else to say… Zakynthos is a natural paradise, people are so kind and positive and the food is beyond delicious!
Thank you for reading!

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