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It’s not any secret that the most common question I get from starting photographers is: What gear do I use?

As a wedding photographer, it’s important to have reliable and high-quality gear that can handle the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of the job. And in this part of the blog, you might get that scary feeling that you will never be able to gather the best gear so right there you can give up, close the window of the browser and get some coffee. And while I completely understand this, as a girl building her own business, I’m gonna stop you here and tell you this: Gear is important and will change many times during your journey, but what you should always focus on mastering your craft and your mindset.

But we all want to peek behind the curtain. So how does “the magic” really happens? Here is a list of the photography equipment that I love to use for weddings:



I started my photography journey with the NIKON BRAND and since then I love its system, colors, and design. And so, it’s not any surprise that I use their mirrorless or DSLR full-frame camera bodies, such as Nikon Z6 II or Nikon D750. These cameras offer excellent image quality and low-light performance, which are both essential for wedding photography.


I also love using a 35mm film camera, such as the Nikon F100, for wedding photography. While digital cameras are certainly more convenient, there is something special about the look and feel of a film that cannot be replicated. The film has a unique character that gives photographs a timeless quality. Using a film camera also forces me to slow down, be mindful, and carefully consider each shot, which can lead to more creative images.


For weddings, I always carry a selection of prime and zoom lenses to cover a range of focal lengths. My go-to lenses include a 50mm, a 35mm, and a 24-70mm. These lenses allow me to capture a variety of shots, from wide group photos to intimate close-ups.

Light gear

A lot of people in my circle know it, but this may surprise you – I’m not a big fan of using light gear, in fact – I’m a big lover of natural light so I pull up my flash only when it’s necessary, such as at evening parties, dark reception rooms, or dark churches. And when this time comes, I use a Godox off-camera flash to add light to my images.

Film stock

Choosing a film stock is a thing of your own preferences and style. My favorite film stock for wedding photography is Portra by Kodak Professional. This film has excellent color reproduction and skin tones, making it perfect for capturing the beauty and emotion of a wedding day. It also has a wide exposure latitude, which allows me to capture a range of lighting conditions without losing image quality. Overall, Portra is a reliable and beautiful film stock that helps me create wedding photographs to my taste.

Film lab

The Polagraph Film Lab is my go-to lab for developing and scanning my film stock. They offer quality scans and fast turnaround times, which is essential for a wedding photographer. Plus, they care about my style preferences and are always open to correction. Remember that building a strong relationship with your film lab is the way to shine. Developing film at a professional lab ensures that my film is handled with care and that I get the best possible scans of my images.


To ensure that my film exposures are correct, I use an external light meter, such as the Sekonic. This is especially useful when shooting film, as I don’t have the ability to preview the image on a digital screen and make adjustments. An external light meter allows me to get the right exposure every time, resulting in beautiful and correctly exposed film images.

Camera body strap

During the wedding day, it’s important to have multiple camera bodies on hand so you can easily switch the focal length. To keep my cameras accessible, I use a camera body strap which allows me to easily switch between my different camera bodies without having to put one down or search for it in my bag. A body camera strap also frees up my hands so that I can focus on interacting with my clients. Overall, a body camera strap is an essential piece of equipment that helps me stay efficient during a wedding day.


A tripod is essential for taking sharp photos in low-light situations, such as during the wedding reception or during the first dance. I use a lightweight, sturdy tripod that is easy to carry around all day.

Camera bag

To keep my gear organized and protected, I use camera bags by the Peak Design brand. Their bags are minimalistic, super functional, and built to last, which is important for a wedding photographer who is constantly on the go. I especially love the versatility of their bags, as they can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag depending on my needs. Overall, Peak Design is my number-one choice for any photography accessories.

Flat lay styling

One thing that I love to do as a wedding photographer is to capture beautiful detail shots of the wedding invitations and other wedding details. To do this, I like to bring a flat lay styling kit with me to each wedding. This kit includes a photography surface, such as the ones by the Locust Collection (Oh I love these so much!), and a selection of props, such as ring boxes and postage stamps. These tools allow me to create stunning and artistic flat lay images of the details that my clients have carefully planned for their big day and help me create unique and visually appealing images that my clients will cherish.

Something else to note:

  • I always bring plenty of extra memory cards with me and make sure to format them a day before each event.
  • I also bring extra camera batteries with me to a wedding, as I never want to run out of power in the middle of an important moment.
  • Don’t forget to wear something with pockets so you can have cards and batteries close to you.
  • Make sure to take some extra clothes, shoes, a snack and water.
  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen or bug spray! 🙂


Having the right gear is crucial for capturing beautiful and memorable moments on a wedding day. With the right camera, lenses, and accessories, you’ll be able to capture every special moment of the day, but the most important thing is to focus on the perfect image in your head.


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