Are you struggling with growth? Do your clients ghost you? Don’t you feel happy with your work?

Well, in today’s Journal post, I’d love to share with you something that has been in my notes for a very long time – I see many photographers repeating 5 mistakes which are slowing them from moving on.

As a wedding photographer for 8 years now and a mentor for other photographers, I understand how hard it can be to know the direction and do things the right way, for you, for your clients, for the world… I saw it in myself in the past and I often see other photographers doing these wrong steps now, those few things that many of us have very much in common and I’d love to share them with you so you have a chance to think about and maybe keep it on your mind in the future when opportunities come your way.

I believe that you’re an amazing photographer. Other ways you wouldn’t be here, trying to deeply think about your services and how to improve them. I want you to know – I deeply adore it! I’m so proud of you that you’re thinking about how to make things better.

Before you dive below, you should also know that these steps might not be for you. Maybe you’re already over it, maybe you already understand. If not, then read carefully with open heart and mind.

Your photography journey might be stuck cause you’re thinking…

Too much about the money

While I absolutely understand that each of us has to earn a monthly income for living, I think it’s pretty crazy to only think about the needed money all the time and even so much that you would do anything just to get the money. You should always remember two rules:

  1. You can live small, you don’t have to be big, you don’t have to own big.
  2. And also… Clients don’t need you. They need a service that they’re looking for. No offense, but business is not personal.

Thinking too much about the needed money and hunting them can really scare your clients (yeah trust me, they can feel your vibes) and it can be a result of why they’re ghosting you. But to be honest – they don’t need you. They’re looking for a good service and your feelings have nothing to do with that.

Act like you don’t need money

  • Don’t tell everybody you need money
  • Don’t try to only get the money for any cost


  • Calm down. I know it might be hard, but trust me, your life situation is not others’ problem. They have their own problem. Everybody does. And everybody is his own hero.
  • Instead of trying to get all the money in the world, try to HONESTLY solve your clients’ problems. Do the work for them. You’re here to serve.

…and other thing can be that you are thinking…

Too much inspiration

Having an idol that inspires you is amazing. But too much can cause damage. But you should always remember that you are you. What works for others, might not work for you. Weird right? But to make it clear – you’re a different person, you have a different past and future, you have a different journey. So next time when you’ll be thinking “I wanna be like her” I want you to stop for a moment and say:

  • Well, I don’t know what this person had to go through, I don’t know his journey and his actual living style. I know nothing about what his everyday life looks like and what feelings he’s dealing with. So – I might not be sure If I truly want that.

You see that? You are you. Are you happy? Be happy. Be yourself.

But the most common mistake I see photographers making is that they’re…

Not focusing

You know, a photographer’s journey is not a straight line. It’s more like a rollercoaster. It’s up and down. Sometimes, you’ll have to push yourself to improve, and sometimes, you just have to stabilize and consistently do the work – and this is a part when you need to stay focused, at least for a while. I see many photographers just trying to be better, get better, and grow all the time, but success doesn’t work like that. It’s not straight. Sometimes you even fall down, I bet you know that.

You should

Invest in your growth too, but investing time in “doing the work” is important too. You will never get a perfect workflow of your dream work If you’ll never practice it.

Give your work time to get a skill before you’ll move.

…and sometimes, they even…

Don’t understand “yes” and “no”

It’s right and so needed to understand these two words in both ways:

Understand when to say them

Learn to understand your vision and goals. Understand where you’re going and what are your rules. This will help you to get where you’d like to be in the future.

Learn to respect them from the others

Others have a choice too! Respect their decision without no offense.

…and worst is when you…

Don’t understand the time

Just because it takes time doesn’t mean it’s not happening

Those who are successful did not (I swear) become successful over one night. It takes time for flowers to bloom. And that’s also why you need to be consistent – you have to support your work to stand over time till people see it. Being patient and standing for what you believe in is the key. You can’t be jumping back and forward just because trends have changed.

You should be loyal to your intuition and give it time.

Please trust me, I have been very impatient in the past, I know what I’m talking about when I say “time is important”.

So far, I want you to deeply think about all that I said and honestly ask yourself – What should I take to my heart? What of these mistakes I should really remember to avoid? And how can I change that?

Mistakes make people, mistakes make you grow. Without a mistake, we would be all too perfect and the world wouldn’t exist the way we know it today. You will make many other mistakes, many of them will be new to you and many of them you will repeat. But important is to think about them and try to be a better photographer today and always serve your client the best on the market, no matter how you feel.

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