First of all, it’s important for me to say – I’m so happy that you’re considering having an engagement session. These days, I see more and more couples skip this special pre-wedding time filled with joy and excitement and If you’re considering skipping it now too, I bet after reading this you will change your mind.

Engagement photos are valuable experience

These allow you to create ever-lasting memories, build a connection with your photographer, practice for the big day, and capture the unique essence of your relationship in a relaxed and authentic way. That is very shortly why is it so important to plan your engagement photography session.

But let’s dive deeply so you know all the details…

Getting Engaged is a Big Milestone

You’re engaged! What a joy and excitement! You should know how significant these moments are in both of your lives. Capturing this special time will help you create lasting memories so you can relive it every day. And who knows – one day your granddaughter might come asking you for your engagement or wedding pictures so she can see where the roots of her family are and how can she get closer to you. Capturing the time of your engagement is just as important as your wedding photography. It deserves to be saved for decades.

Meet your wedding photographer

These days, most clients meet their photographers only through online sources – it’s great, happy that our age has evolved us to meet people from all over the world and love has no boundaries. However, meeting online can be different than meeting in person. And needless to say – meeting can be different than shooting. When you only meet your person, having a chat and coffee, it’s different when you need an action from that same person.

Here comes the difference between meeting and shooting

When you meet a person, you see their face, their reaction and you get some words from them. But when there is a camera in between you, people can get shy – they simply don’t know what the photographer sees, If everything looks good, If the whole shoot is worth or If it’s a loose of time and above all – will we, as a couple, and our photos look good? Of course, your photographer always has to be kind and sympathetic when you only meet them, but taking action together requires more energy from a skilled photographer, especially when the photographed couple has never experienced a photoshoot together before.

You need to trust your photographer

My recommendation is to find a photographer with whom you will feel comfortable, will make you happy, will make you laugh, will make you feel good and will make you love each other as a couple. Find somebody who will share the joy with you – you know… that person who is simply so happy to see you two together and want to capture the right essence of you two. Find somebody who will make you feel confident, loved and welcomed. The engagement session is perfect training for you and your photographer. Get matched as a team.

Enjoy your pre-wedding time

That time before your wedding day, it’s so special – I know by myself how incredibly exciting it all was when me and Pavel got engaged. That feeling, that somebody loves you so much and wants you so much to stay with him forever, it’s priceless, indescribable, unbelievable. By giving yourself time to enjoy these engaged moments, you give each other more love. You create space for each other so you can enjoy what a big thing is now happening in your life. It’s unique. And it’s once in a lifetime. You both deserve to have a little moment to enjoy your decision to stand side by side together forever.

Practice for the Big Day

Engagement photography sessions serve as a trial for posing, getting comfortable in front of the camera, and understanding the photographer’s style. Your practice can lead to more relaxed and natural wedding day photos.

Engagement Session is a Confidence Booster

As I already highlighted, having a professional photo session with your beloved wedding photographer where you feel comfortable and happy, can give you an amazing boost of confidence. This self-esteem can be particularly important leading up to your wedding day – an engagement session will help you feel less stressed and less fearful of the wedding festivities and all that might come.

Document your growth

Over time, couples change and grow together. Engagement photos are amazing at capturing a specific moment in their relationship, serving as a reminder of their love and commitment. It can be one day before the wedding day, and the other day you’re so grown together. Your love is changing and growing so much. You’re becoming husband and wife. A lifetime partners.

Create your Home Wall Art

There is no art with such a deep value as your engagement and wedding photos. Just imagine having a beautiful black and white print of you two engaged hanging in your living room. Engagement photos are a perfect choice for beautiful canvases, framed prints, or albums. This way you’ll create personalized art for your home that tells your unique love story.

Announcing Your Engagement

When it comes to sharing this big engagement news with loved ones, couples often use engagement photos to share their excitement on social media or in announcements to friends and family. No wonder – having a beautiful image is a lovely memory and proof to relive.

Engagement photos as a memorable gift for your loved ones

A heartfelt gift to parents, grandparents, or close friends, who often play a significant role in the couple’s life. Engagement photos are a perfect maid for that.

Some ideas to use your engagement photos

  • Personalized Save-the-Dates or wedding invitations
  • Add them to your wedding decor
  • Create a slideshow during the reception
  • Feature your engagement photos on your wedding website
  • Create a unique guestbook
  • Use them for your announcement
  • Send them with your Thank-You Cards
  • Print a beautiful keepsake album
  • Frame your engagement photos and decorate your home

Engagement photos are important

This time is not just about capturing cherished photographs, but also about strengthening the bond between the couple and their photographer. Your engagement session will prepare you for the grand celebration that awaits. You are able to create an authentic story of your relationship, a glimpse into the journey of two individuals embarking on a shared path. Engagement photos are making a chapter worth remembering for a lifetime.

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