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Over the years and hundred of couples, I learned that it's an amazing gift when the right people work together.

Hi Dear, 
lovely to meet you. I'm Sabina, a luxury destination wedding and editorial photographer, a minimalist and hype girl.

I, along with my dear Pavel, spend my free time with workouts, travelling the world, reading self-development books, relaxing in the garden with coffee and designing our home. Even though our works are different and our days very busy, keeping our lives in love and supporting each other in big dreams is the priority for us.

I feel there is nothing more valuable than enjoy every given moment. 

Since I was a child, I loved art, especially pictures of our old family camera. I started my photography career in the wedding industry shooting first wedding at a very young age and since then I didn't stop. Throughout the years of my work, I was also honored to shoot the work of some of the top wedding and fashion industry designers and be a part of many breakthrough projects.

Capturing meaningful heirlooms with true connection became a part of my life and today I specialize in exquisite joy-filled weddings and celebrations all over Europe. I genuinely love how I'm able to connect with couples who have the same approach to love and values that I have. My photography focuses on joyful, romantic images full of natural light and emotion with dreamy film tones and a relaxed approach. I want the couples to be who they really are.

„The purpose is to find something more than a list of credentials and pretty imagery. The photography with meaning. Deeper, truer, and more beautiful than anything you’ve ever experienced before.“

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behind the lens

Sabina Povolna

Based in Brno, Sabina brings a trained art director's eye and a passion for authenticity to the world of photography.

Approaching photography with a romantic, impressionist sensibility. Luminous imagery is understated, yet evocative, resulting from clear and polished creative direction and an exceptional eye for beauty. Fresh and simple composition, and use of natural light has evolved from a deep love and respect for the art and craft of shooting film. 

All about

Being yourself, the real moments, shooting on film, great minimalist, natural light obsessed, details


Artificial posing, overbooking myself, forcing moments, being anything less than 100% invested in my clients and my work

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My passion for human connection ensures that no small moment - no emotion - is missed in the photographic story of your day. Learn more about what we offer and If it's the perfect fit for you. 

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Starting your own creative business means facing many challenges and planning ahead and that's why I built an educational program for photographers.

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Fine art photography approach with people-centered feeling. The foundation starts with an authentic connection with you. I ensure that the images we take accurately tell your story.