Coming Spring 2023

Celeste flat lay styling workshop

An educational workshop for everyone who's looking for the purpose of styling flat lays. It's built to help you master styling and photographing flat lays.

Learn how to achieve refined flat lay styling.

The purpose of the Celeste workshop is to learn you master the refined styling of wedding invitations, bridal details, flowers and others objects.

Learn from Sabina how to master flat lay styling. Discover layers and combinations of colours. Understand the natural lighting and basics of shooting. The Celeste workshop will guide you through the most important steps of styling, show you how to achieve amazingly styled flat lays and create beautiful pictures.

In this program you will


Find your style

Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist, you will find your flat lay and photography style. 


Learn styling basics

I will lead you through every single step in styling flat lays and all additional questions you have on your mind.


Discover styling kit

Explore what is needed to collect in your styling kit and what you need for a perfect result of your flat lay. 

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