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One of the most common reviews I get from past wedding clients is that I am a calming presence on their wedding day. At the top of my list as your wedding photographer is putting you both at ease. It’s my job to make you look and feel amazing and I have tons of experience doing it. Because of that, I know this all may feel new and you will have questions. I've listed our most frequently asked questions below to help simplify things for you.

Keep in mind that this is not a rulebook, and your day is exactly that - YOURS.

Always ask for help from your amazing wedding planner. These are just some tips & tricks I've accumulated from all of the weddings I've shot over the years, and I hope they're helpful to you as you dive into wedding photography!

once in a life decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing?

Over the years, I learned that every single wedding is a unique celebration and it needs an individual approach. All couples have their own picture of a perfect wedding day and no location is too far to create an amazing event. So the price can be different according to your needs but my basic wedding collection starts at 2 000 Eur and it contains everything you need to cover in that special time in both of your lives.

What If we have to reschedule our date?

My services are built for maximum comfort for all my clients and the rescheduling of your wedding date is included within no extra fees. I’ll do my best to make you happy and make your dream day come true.

How many images will we get?

Every single event is unique and so does the result. It very much depends on how big your wedding is, how many guests you have, how much festivity there is, and more. So my collections are mostly made of about 500 images and it can be less and it can be more. Over the years, I delivered galleries of about 300 images and also of about 800 images. I always deliver to you the best I can.

How will be our images delivered?

In 24 hours you will receive a sneak peek of wedding photos so you can share your excitement with family and friends. Final photos are delivered to you in your personal online gallery. Images are in JPG format and in 2:3 aspect ratio in full resolution. These are suitable for large-format printing. You can also download a reduced version for sharing on social media. And you are also receiving a printed album of the highest quality.

How do I book?

The first step is to reach out directly or through your planner to inquire about your date and wedding needs. Once received, we will send you a questionnaire to get more details about you and your vision. After that, you will receive a link with detailed offerings for wedding photography. When you accept, an invoice for a reservation fee and a contract are sent out for you to sign. Once those are complete you are officially booked!

What happens If Sabina gets sick?

Taking good care of myself all the time is my priority and I take on the highest responsibility right the day before the wedding. I'm always doing maximum to keep myself fit. But I understand that we can't plan everything so in case I get sick or have some emergency, I will immediately find another photographer for you and I'll do my best to help you with all the circumstances so you can still enjoy your wedding day.

The importance of


Create ever-lasting memories, build a connection with your photographer, practice for the big day, and capture the unique essence of your relationship in a relaxed and authentic way.

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Group photos

To avoid chaos and lost photos, I highly recommend to write a short list of must-have group photos with your guests.

Wedding details

If you're a lover of wedding details photos and would love to see such photos in your gallery, you're gonna love this check list.

"Words cannot accurately describe what an amazing experience it was to work with Sabina!"

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tips for your

Wedding day

01. Wedding planners & coordinators

Venues have different levels of coordinators, so make sure that you know ahead of time if they'll be taking care of you on the day of. A good coordinator will be able to take care of any questions or issues that arise throughout the day. The last thing you want to have to worry about on your big day is being asked a million logistical questions like why 4 chairs are missing, where the DJ can plug in his speakers, or what time salads are served at dinner. In my experience, I've had couples ask a friend or relative to be their coordinator and it NEVER ends well. They want to drink and have fun, too! Hire someone who does coordinating or planning for a living and has the experience, trust me! It's worth it.

Planning a wedding timeline can get overwhelming and keeping to your timeline is a key factor for a relaxing and photographically productive day. In my opinion, a wedding planner is the BEST vendor you can spend money on if the budget allows it! Peace of mind is priceless. Most wedding planners have a variety of options and levels of service, ranging from 2000 EUR - 12 000 EUR. I'm not saying you need a full-service planner by any means - even a partial or month-of planner would be great! If your wedding is larger than 50 people, a day-of coordinator at the very least is a must. Sometimes venues provide them, but make sure you ask how involved they'll be on your day! 

02. Don’t skip the engagement session

Engagement sessions are a chance to connect with each other, explore a beautiful place, and create memories. Is there a place that's meaningful to you & your relationship? If there's not a specific place, think about the dates you love to go on together. Do you tend to go to the beach? Picnic on a cliffside? Grab drinks at a dive bar? A park near your place? Your photos will feel so much more like you if we explore a location that is similar to somewhere you normally would go together. Of course, you can always choose a location that you've never explored together — but have been wanting to! I have plenty of recommendations and love to show couples some of my favorite hidden gems.

03. Hair & Makeup

One of my biggest recommendations is to use your hair and makeup trial for your engagement session. That way, you can see how the makeup looks on camera to make sure you love it for your wedding day! On the wedding day, I'm always shooting the bride getting ready when the hair and makeup are done. This way, you will feel relaxed and confident when taking your pictures.

04. Consider location & light

Some of my favorite moments on a wedding day happen before the ceremony! Getting ready spaces are filled with the anticipation and excitement of the day to come. However you want to spend your morning before you get married, make sure it's in a clean, bright space. Lots of window light makes my job easier & your photos a whole lot dreamier - so if your venue doesn't have a great bridal suite, look for an Airbnb with open space, lots of windows, and neutral walls.

Cramming 8 bridesmaids, hair & makeup artists, a photographer, a videographer, and family members into a single room filled with ALL your stuff can feel chaotic, as well as make your photos feel cluttered. If you're getting ready in a hotel room - consider getting an extra room or using a family member or friend's room as a designated clean space. That way, we have a clean room for photos and a quiet space for you to hang out in if you need a moment to yourself.

05. Details matter

Capturing the little details of your wedding day is how I like to begin my photography time! Typically, this includes flat lays of your invitations, heirlooms, shoes, rings - really anything that is important to you two and telling the story of your day! This time also helps me center myself and gives me a chance to get the creative juices flowing. I ask that you have these items ready to go, so I can just grab them and get started when I arrive.

My advice is to have your wedding day details gathered in a bag or box prior to your wedding day so that when your photographer arrives they can start working on capturing them first. The more organized you are, the more time your photographer will have to create gorgeous meaningful images with your carefully chosen details. I recommend 45 minutes to an hour for detail shots in your timeline.

When planning out your wedding day details, you will want to refer to your wedding color palette to keep things cohesive. Neutrals and metal tones look good with most palettes and can be great accents. If you are looking to up-level your detail shots there are many additional fun elements you can add! I've had brides include a special hanger for the dress, their clutch, a welcome bag, or their wedding favors. I've also photographed bride and groom cards/gifts to each other, bridesmaids’ gifts, and additional paper goods like place cards, programs, etc.! 

07. Newlyweds portraits

Your wedding day portraits are similar to your engagements — just with way fancier clothes! I typically like to shoot your portraits at the location, but I'm always open if there's a certain spot that you've been envisioning photos at, let me know on your questionnaire! I never want our portrait time to take away from you fully experiencing your wedding day, so I try to move quickly to ensure that we're getting great photos but you're not missing too much of the party! All you have to do is to be present with each other, enjoy this time together, and I'll take care of the rest.

06. Rain & weather

Do not panic about the weather or obsessively refresh the weather app leading up to your day! Forecasts change SO quickly and we can't change the weather — so let's embrace it! Check in with your venue to go over rain plans. Target sells some cute clear umbrellas we can pick up in a pinch, and I'll scout for locations that are beautiful & covered, whether that's indoors or under awnings/trees/etc. Some of my favorite weddings ever have been rainy ones, so no stress! I promise it will still be the best day ever! Even If it's raining, your photos can be still beautiful.

08. Unplugged weddings

An unplugged ceremony encourages your guests to put away their cell phones, Ipads, and cameras and be present with you during your ceremony. I've taken so many photos, only to notice a bunch of iPhones or big cameras being held up in the aisle, effectively ruining a beautiful moment. Phones can be a big distraction that takes away from the experience of your guests being present with you. The rest of the day, they can take as many photos as they want (and I'd encourage it!), but the ceremony is the one time of the day that I think is the best cell-phone free. You'll be able to share the full gallery with them after your wedding, so you can assure them that they can download any photos that they want later on!


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