Your fine art wedding photographer

The photography for your wedding is a once in a lifetime decision and investment. Because of that, I know this all may feel new and you will have questions. I've listed our most frequently asked questions below to help simplify things for you. 

One of the most common reviews I I get from past wedding clients is that I am a calming presence on their wedding day. At the top of my list as your wedding photographer is putting you both at ease. It’s my job to make you look and feel amazing and I have tons of experience doing it.

What is your pricing?

Over the years, I learned that every single wedding is a unique celebration and it needs an individual approach. All couples have their own picture of perfect wedding day and no location is too far to create an amazing event. So the price can be different according to your wishes but most of my basic wedding collections start at 2 000 Eur and it contains everything you need to cover in that special time in both of your lives.

What happens If Sabina gets sick?

Taking good care of myself all the time is my priority and I take it on the highest responsibility right the day before the wedding. I love my job and I know its costs. So I'm always doing maximum to keep myself fit. But I understand that we can't plan everything so in case I get sick or have some emergency, I will immediately find another photographer for you and I'll do my best to help you with all the circumstances so you can still enjoy your wedding day.

Are your travel + accommodations included?

Wedding planning can get very overwhelming and I fully understand that. So before you decide to book my wedding services, you will get all the important details ahead and one single price that includes everything according to your wishes and with all the costs.

Do you offer to customize a collection?

I respect the uniqueness of your love story so I will do the maximum to customize a special collection for your celebration. My workflow is based on creating a customize tailored collection right for you to give the best result of our collaboration.

How do I book?

The first step is to reach out directly or through your planner to inquire about your date and wedding needs. Once received, we will send you a questionnaire to get more details about you and then you will recieve your tailored proposal with pricing. When you accept, an invoice for a deposit and a contract is sent out for you to sign. Once those are complete you are officially booked! 

How many images will we get?

Every single event is unique and so does the result. It very much depends on how big your wedding is, how many guests you have, how much festivity there is and more. So my collections are mostly made of about 500 images and it can be less and it can be more. Over the years, I delivered galleries of about 300 images and also of about 800 images. I always deliver to you the best I can.

What If we have to reschedule our date?

My services are built for maximum comfort for all my clients and the rescheduling of your wedding date is included within no extra fees.

How will be our images delivered?

Final photos are delivered to you in your personal online gallery. Images are in JPG format and in 2:3 aspect ratio in full resolution. These are suitable for large format printing. You can also download a reduced version for sharing on social media. The completed collection is delivered to you in a linen box including the USB flash drive with all images in full resolution and printed photographs of the highest quality.