Why are engagement sessions important

12. 3. 2021 | JOURNAL

Engagement sessions are a pretty underestimated photoshoot and I think it’s a pity. A lot of people think they are not important so they have no reason to spend money and effort on them. But in reality, they are the most important and exciting time in both of your lives. The time when you’re planning, everything’s new for you, you can’t wait to call him or her yours. You don’t want you to forget memories of all these emotions.

You spend time together
As I mentioned… you are looking forward to all these new days, both of you can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring to you, it’s a new chapter of your life and you don’t want to miss all this happiness.

Perfect heirloom
Have you ever think about creating a printed album of your wedding photos? Great! Then trust me… you will love to have your wedding and engagement albums together. Keep these wonderful memories for the next generations.

You will be ready
First time before the camera or not, everybody gets a little bit stressed when it comes to getting photos. So let’s get ready! On your wedding day, you will feel much relaxed because you will know what to expect.

Meet your photographer
It’s always great to have a meeting with your photographer before the wedding day and I highly recommend that. But there’s never enough personal contact. You should love the photos your photographer create, but you should also know that you feel comfortable with this person. You should know that your photographer makes you happy and that he or she can help you to enjoy all of these moments.

Your wedding makeup artist
I highly recommend planning your first meeting with your wedding makeup artist on the day of the engagement photoshoot, so you will know what will your makeup looks like all day and you will fully use it.

Share them
The last positive of having the engagement session is that you can share your photos with your family and friends. Tell them that you’re going to have a wedding! Or share your photos on your wedding websites or use printed photos in the decor of your wedding.

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Kind words by Viktoria

„If you are looking for a wedding, lifestyle photographer, I can highly recommend Sabina. She is talented for sure, but also she works with passion. Let me tell a short story on how we met. I was desperately searching for a wedding photographer in Brno, who can make an airy, elegant, timeless and photos full of real emotions. When I was about to give up, I found Sabina’s Instagram account and absolutely fell in love. I knew right after she is the One. Before the actual wedding day we decided that we will practice on love story session. (My boyfriend hate taking pictures). Sabina was so professional, she played some music for us, told us some tips, how to pose. We spent together a great hour or so. Pictures turned out amazing. Needles to say it was hard to choose some of them from the list. Every even unedited photo looks perfect. So happy we have a great memory from that day. And so looking forward for a wedding day. I know without any doubt it will be marvelous thanks to Sabi and her magic.“